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September 30, 2011


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Adventure Time Controversy? Whoa!

Fri Sep 30, 2011, 10:56 AM
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Sooo this is a reblog of what I posted on TUMBLR Earlier on today. Since no one follows me there(:iconforeveraloneplz:), there might be more readers here hahaha!

So this is the original post from Adventure Time Blog:

Well, I completely screwed up.

There's been chatter on the internet recently about our latest Adventure Time "Mathematical!" video recap that we created, posted, and removed here at Federator. I figure it's time to clear up the matter.

In trying to get the show's audience involved we got wrapped up by both fan conjecture and spicy fanart and went a little too far. Neither Cartoon Network nor the Adventure Time crew had anything to do with putting up or taking down our latest re-cap. The episode "What was Missing" remains a terrific short and will be shown again and again just like any other Adventure Time episode.

I let us goof in a staggering way and I'm deeply sorry it's become such a distraction for so many people.

—Fred Seibert

First of all, what happened was this(copied from albinwonderland's Tumblr):

It's complicated. Basically, the chain of events in the past few days-

-Adventure Time Episode "What Was Missing" Airs

-Instantaneous Fan feedback at Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's relationship (which is conceivably more than just platonic)

-Mathematical, a Youtube page dedicated to Adventure Time that is connected to the show but not PRODUCED BY the show, admits Marceline seems to have a non-platonic crush on PB, asks fans to call in/comment about getting PB and Marceline together as a couple

-Huge, huge outpouring of fan and non-fan input of pro M/PB messages

-Cartoon Network is scared by this

-Cartoon Network pulls the 'Mathmatical' episode from youtube

-Cartoon Network has just pulled the episode from the CN website

It is important that we fight back against this in every way possible. It is unacceptable.

As far as I've noticed, Adam Muto was the one who over reacted over the matter, making unnecessary comments about Mathematical, and the fans got in a really loud uproar about it too.   And I don't think there's really no one to yell at, since all sides are all right on some level. I really disagree with the way Adam Muto acted(But hey it was his opinion, so you can't be mad about that fact), but I don't disagree with Fred from Frederator for taking the video down. I think the video would've been back already if the fans didn't get so angry and made so much noise about the whole matter. Instead, they should have just discussed about it in an orderly manner. I'm all up for equality and I did not see a problem with the video talking about homosexuality, but since the fans made such a huge fuss about it, everyone started paying attention to the problem and keeping the video up would be hurtful for both Frederator & Cartoon Network.

So the issue now is waaaay bigger than just Marceline & Bubblegum crushing on each other.

Don't take me wrong; I believe there is no problem into discussing or talking about homosexuality on cartoons, but unfortunately the mass media society does not fully accept it yet. I believe there will be a time when it will(and I'm sure it's not gonna take long), but for a studio/business as big as Frederator and Cartoon Network to not do something about it would cause them lawsuits, more uproar, and more time & money being spent on lawyers trying to solve it all instead of money being spent on production for more episodes of the Series we all love so much. Now it not only hurts them, but us too.

I strongly believe that if you put yourself in a position of someone leading a company, you shouldn't think about all the money and all the free time to spend that money. Instead, you should think about the huge responsibility and psychological stress you go through everyday thinking about how to always stay at the top at what you do(Industry/business-wise), and keeping the jobs of hundreds or even thousands of people safe. That last part is the most important nowadays, when there are so many people out there without jobs with this economy. When you have all that to think about, you cannot let controversies like that affect your business.

Hey, there will be a time when someone with a great vision and a supporting crew will step into the media and make homosexuality 100% mainstream, but the place to do it is not on a children's cartoon. I really don't think Pendleton created Adventure Time to one day take a stand on society issues.

Also, think about this: when we're all on our 50s & 60s, this new generation coming after us will not even see homosexuality as an issue, because it will be so normal for them. We're all gonna talk about how back in our days it was still taboo to talk about it on television and whatnot.

Of course we have problems now and they need to be adressed now, but I guess what I'm trying to say is: Let's be patient. Or better yet, let's take this whole homosexuality discussion to a more appropriate environment(to the government & state laws, for example) and not bash on a series that we all love so much to a point that we forget that it is out on TV right now not only to entertain; but to make profit and hopefully give more people jobs doing what they love.

More info about the whole mess on:

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katygrace Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist
why is everyone so hung up on the homosexual aspect here? personally i think bubblegum and marcy are adorbz together and their genders are totally irrelevant. lesbians, straight, gay... get over yourselves CN and the rest of you!

dumb homophobic people and their narrow-mindedness.
Flashykaabii Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i think lesbian relationships are awkward.
and the way a lot of fans see it is gross (YURI, no offence, but pls why porn of this show OTL)
and the lyrics of the song were too weird imo
but yeah it wasn't big though XD
shadesofemerald Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awkward? You think that love is awkward? How is the way fans see lesbian subtext any more gross than the way they see heterosexual subtext?  The fact that Marceline was singing about her possible crush on Princess Bubblegum shouldn't be considered any more weird than if she was singing about a crush on a guy.
Flashykaabii Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Calm down, that's my opinion.
I have nothing wrong with lesbians but it's just plain awkward.
I don't like it at all. Not everyone will be comfortable with homosexual love, I don't hate homosexuals. It's just plain awkward
because I imagine myself being a lesbian and it's just weird. And well, lesbians are way sexualized.
Have you not seen how fanboys and fangirls sexualize homosexual relationships?
Look, for me, it's plain awkward. I'm not saying it's wrong, but not everyone is comfortable with it.
shadesofemerald Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's fine I guess, maybe your issue here is use of the word "awkward." You were just making it sound like the thought of lesbians is awkward to you, but clearly you might not be comfortable imagining yourself as a lesbian, it's cool if that's the awkward part.  Also, lesbians being sexualized is only a stereotype in shows like family guy, the great thing about this episode was the fact that possible lesbian subtext was being displayed as something perfectly normal.  Sorry that I got so harsh though, I just take a very strong stance on matters like these.
HareTrinity Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankfully AT is pushing forward for an end to the homophobic silence (i.e. "don't talk about it") in Western cartoons. :)

We'll get there eventually!
Ellygeh Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Student Filmographer
Hey thanks for the comment!

And whooa don't worry I'm on your side I have nothing against homosexuality, my point was the same as yours, that society is still a bit narrow-minded to accept it 100%. But it won't be long till they will no worries :)
xxgabyrawrxx Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist
i'm just wondering what the hints that show this are? i've watched this episode plenty of times and never realized anything show casing those affections.. i'm so confuzzled. .__.
Ellygeh Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Student Filmographer
hahaha I know what you mean! They're only there for who wants to interpret it actually, because I didn't see it until it was mentioned by everyone at the time. I guess it's how Marceline is mad at P.B. and she's singing about biting the blood out of her face...then the shirt thing suggesting that they're really close so they're sharing clothes..? I guess it was something like that I actually don't remember much anymore ahaha it's been a while now!
xxgabyrawrxx Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Hobbyist
haha thanks! it's ok... that cleared up some parts. lol (:
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